Tai Chi vs MMA (Who is nicer?)

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This demonstration show what nice people martial artists are. When my own students couldn’t make it to the demo, Kru Mel Bellissimo of LANA MMA offered his help by volunteering his own students for my demo.

I had never worked with them before, and they new very little about me. But the nature of the event and our common interest instilled an automatic trust. My demonstrations ended up showing less about my skill and my art than it did about the quality, skill, and character of the students and instructors at LANA MMA. I am extremely grateful and totally impressed by them.

Duration : 0:7:15

25 Responses to “Tai Chi vs MMA (Who is nicer?)”

  1. yakont says:

    Sorry, I did Tae …
    Sorry, I did Tae Kwon Do many years ago & my brothers both still practice. I’m a bit lost at what ‘taegek kwon’? form is. Advanced forms I know of – Koryo, Kumkang, Taebaek, Pyongwon, Sipjin, Jitae, Chonkwon, Hansu & Ilyo. Do you mean one of the earlier Korean arts like Tae-Kyon (I like Tae-Kyon & K btw :-))? For those, I would have no clue. Anyway, from what I know of Tae Kwon Do there’s nowt similar in advanced form to Tai Chi or other internal arts

  2. yakont says:

    another one – ‘ …
    another one – ‘utmost nothing yet supreme ultimate’ [????? – ???] – Classic Philosopher, Zhou Dunyi. My sifu used to talk about this and state of? mind a lot! Nice video’s, keep them up. I just subscribed! The MMA guy seems really cool too

  3. juju6018 says:

    says? who
    says? who

  4. cwmak70 says:

    Awesome video. …
    Awesome video. Respect to the MMA guy for being a fine? example to the MA community.

  5. Afshin Nejat says:

    The gentleman’s …
    The gentleman’s Taijiquan? is very good.

  6. lrwilliamsjr says:

    Really? worthwhile …
    Really? worthwhile video!

  7. taijiman7777 says:

    Seu pressuposto é? …
    Seu pressuposto é? compreensível. No entanto, tenho experiência de combate com adversários armados e desarmados. Tenho praticado com os proponentes de muitos estilos. Eu “escalaram montanhas e socos comido.” Minha experiência tem informado o que eu faço, e validou-lo.

  8. WallaceAppears says:

    velho que mentira …
    velho que mentira si? fosse mma o cara ja puxava o braço do lutado de tai chi e já quebrava o braço dele isso é só demonstração si fosse na pratica o gordinho ia sair todo quebrado…

  9. dekal1 says:

    Yes, that is …
    Yes, that is exactly what it is. Go look at the formation of a Yin? and Yang circle. Everything in Tai Chi is based around the Yin and Yang symbol.

  10. dekal1 says:

    lol Ian thank you …
    lol Ian thank you for posting this video and teaching Tai Chi? to the world. I see you have a lot of experts commenting on your channel=)

  11. taijiman7777 says:

    I’m a big fan of Fu …
    I’m a big fan of Fu Laoshi, and the Fu (???) lineage in general. I trained in Vancouver for 14 years, and had the privilege of seeing Fu ShengLong, Laoshi in action, as well as other Fu stylists like Nick Gracenin, Jose Johnson, and ???.
    Any who have the chance should learn what they can from Fu? ShengLong.
    My main teachers in Vancouver were ???, ???, Chung YanMan, and ???.

  12. taijiman7777 says:

    Taegek kwon forms …
    Taegek kwon forms do contain advanced concepts, and “taegek” translates as “tai chi”. However, the? two styles have little in common, except that they are both advanced routines.
    Tai Chi is sometimes called an advanced style because it was, during the late Qing Dynasty, taught mostly to advanced martial artists and aristocracy, and basic training was not required. That is why many tai chi people can’t fight – they don’t learn basics.

  13. Amrit Chaturvedi says:

    0:27 “..help? me …
    0:27 “..help? me out..”. You can’t miss his Canadian accent 😀

  14. Pofigists says:

    Tai chi aint nice. …
    Tai chi aint nice. Proper application coming from more combat oriented styles can leave you with your hand broken at three joints simultaneously. Not that there? too many masters outside of PRC who can do this anyway…

  15. MrTankums says:

    A lot? of the moves …
    A lot? of the moves look surprisingly similar to Aikido

  16. syngsong says:

    Sorry but Tai chi …
    Sorry but Tai chi is THE final? form of kung fu and tae kwon do also. In traditional Korean tae kwon do, once you get past all other forms, you reach a form called “taegek kwon” which means “Yin yang style” and is tai chi.

  17. TheBoxrwun says:

    looks really cool!? …
    looks really cool!? I respect the attention to technique just wonder if that would really work on an opponent whos intents are indeed bad!

  18. krazykingkush says:

    Ok so its not a …
    Ok so its not a fighting style but its fighting applications are immense. I love the fluidity in it’s movements and the power generated. Really? enjoyed the vid, keep up the good work I can definitely see the strength of your practice.

  19. gbarassi says:

    yes Tai Chi? Chuan
    yes Tai Chi? Chuan

  20. Loic Page says:

    Also in reply to …
    Also in reply to doubletees question as the youtube keeps erroring on me… My teacher Victor Fu or? Fu sheng long is a great master here in the vancouver area Im sure Ian here can back me up with that He teaches Fu style,Im really in to the MMA scene and Ian your interpretation of the forms IS enlightening Would you ever stop in the Vancouver area? what would it take to get you out here lol ??

  21. Loic Page says:

    Hi ian Your a …
    Hi ian Your a great? teacher thank you for all your videos, i have to ask how did you get so much skill with your dantien. i have a great teacher but im still baffelled can you ever make a video for this?

  22. taijiman7777 says:

    In my classes we …
    In my classes we discuss the relationships between technique, method, and structure.

    Technique without proper method never works.
    Proper method without proper structure is weak.
    If you have good structure, proper method manifests spontaneously and technique is irrelevant.

    There is nothing passive about tai chi.
    Balance is a verb.
    See my other video, “Tai Chi? fighting Strategy”

  23. taijiman7777 says:

    I often do tai chi …
    I often do tai chi while standing? at a counter.

  24. DaShizNips says:

    So would Tai? Chi …
    So would Tai? Chi be a counter style?

  25. doubletee9000 says:

    excellent video and …
    excellent video and narration Shifu Sinclair. I see you have trained with Shifu Shoyu Liang. Do you know of any places in the fraser valley for decent training in the chinese arts? Do you have? any students in this end of canada? Or perhaps, do you know of any other masters students to learn from in this area? Trying to avoid commuting too far into the vancouver area from abbotsford to continue my training. As it is I am commuting to maple ridge to continue study in Chen practical method.

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