master taichi

master taichi shows none contact battle with one and few enemys

Duration : 0:1:29

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15 Responses to “master taichi”

  1. theangelrules007 says:

    I bet you think. …
    I bet you think. That’s the problem. Thinking will get you killed. Taichi is not for the weak of mind who don’t know how to use their mind. It’s like the man says below, “Go
    touch with the real players and then come back and comment.” They don’t call it the Ultimate Supreme MA killing art of all time amongst one billion people? Think about that MC Fly!


  2. Sonicss71 says:

    I think this is…. …
    I think this is….pretty staged, but the Sifu does look like a badass, i mean his face says it all, so it makes me think twice. I practice SUN Tai Chi myself so I do my best to keep an open mind…=)

  3. OneRoomSchoolHouse says:

    that is Master Shr, …
    that is Master Shr, see my video response to see him later in 1988 with Bill Moyers on Healing and the Mind doing the same act with the same guys.

  4. danielgong22 says:

    Taichi is not about …
    Taichi is not about how strong u are.. …
    go to china and get ur kickd. then ull believe it..

  5. supralee says:

    now we have too …
    now we have too possibilites- either this is joke or they are really weak students:)

  6. maurus01 says:

    people fear what …
    people fear what they can’t understand or experience for themselves.

  7. arminaxeon says:

    thats fukin fake i …
    thats fukin fake i can whoop that niggas ass.

  8. ophuchew says:

    People who don’t …
    People who don’t believe it, simply haven’t experienced it. Wonder what the CMC on the back of their jackets stands for?

  9. matelotgeek says:

    wtf looks like a …
    wtf looks like a buncha monkeys jumping that man

  10. hardspecialist says:

    chi power ( wushu ) …
    chi power ( wushu ) impressive…

  11. Basherovsky says:

    There may be some …
    There may be some fakes around but I trained with a master who regularly uses energy like the guy in the video. Hard to believe, yes I was sceptical at first but after 13 years I know he can put people on the floor without touching them. It doesn’t work on everyone though so when it doesn’t you have to be good at the physical side too.

  12. chickenluck says:

    some con artistes, …
    some con artistes, shameful act

  13. wwwater1 says:

    looks so fake
    looks so fake

  14. culbriz says:

    I’d have to see him …
    I’d have to see him in UFC or Pride. I might believe those guys could feel his chi pushing or pulling them, but not that they were really thrown all around like that.

  15. Deusrexmachina says:

    … find it kinda …
    … find it kinda hard to believe, even if I do believe in Tai-Chi (doing it for only three years).

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