Taiyi Qigong

Master Yuan Xiugang performing Taiyi Qigong

Duration : 0:1:45

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25 Responses to “Taiyi Qigong”

  1. djokodjoko says:

    No, Chang Sang Feng …
    No, Chang Sang Feng was a student of Shaolin first, then he created Wudang TaiChi.

  2. usucmehardutube says:

    A true master if i …
    A true master if i ever saw one. Inspirational!

  3. philotaaveti says:

    it reminded me of a …
    it reminded me of a tree how he did not real move his feet


  4. jorgesombras says:

    este video esta …
    este video esta bien chingon lo estoy practicando todo el dia me gusta gracias

  5. bewellhappy says:

    It is the most …
    It is the most amazing taiji I have ever seen, thank you

  6. siulum88 says:

    You have to be …
    You have to be super flexible to do this Wudang qigong. Its no wonder why its unknown in the west. Probably very few people do it outside of Wudang. And the few that teach it in the west are most likely not as good as Master Yuan.

  7. louiesiy says:

    most outstanding… …
    most outstanding…doing it myself…lot hard when you are in the position like a snake then begins to rise upward…you just have to be trained to do it really well
    good flexibility…am a fan of the master…unique style…simple if yur flexible enough…

  8. nolomaru says:

    impressive man, i …
    impressive man, i have not words for describe your video!
    thank you for share this video with us


  9. gi865 says:

    I love this …
    I love this performance, the style is so powerful, so fluently. Saw it many times, and I am always impressed!
    Men can be so great, if he has come into his power!

  10. mksterr says:

    you really …
    you really understand so much? China is way
    different from California

  11. priuredesion says:

    Wow, so flexible, …
    Wow, so flexible, so powerful, so soft, so much energy. It is just perfect. Wudang training is one of the most important and difficult training in all martial arts. It is even the key and the father of the shaolin kung fu.

    Wudang is so cool.

    Those wudang martial arts involve more than flaxible movements, it involves concentration, strength, etc….

  12. 1q2w3e4r5t6yusername says:


  13. hazor777 says:

    I need knee …
    I need knee replacement surgery just from WATCHING THIS

  14. tayounorise says:

    wow he moves like a …
    wow he moves like a snake so softly and fast moves and energy flow


    thanks for sharing

  15. soundfrensis says:

    guss’è fundiu
    guss’è fundiu

  16. meetdanblack says:

    The …

    The explosives movements (fajing) help shaking the internal organs in such a way that it feels as if someone just hitted you, if not well trained in the basic steps, even the fa-jing properly done hurts a lot internally.

  17. meetdanblack says:

    it’s not only about …
    it’s not only about the flexibility and strength of the legs, Tai Yi Qi Gong is the most advanced training for hard qi-gong (iron shirt), it’s about how to use your muscles, and bones and prepare the internal organs for strong impacts without feeling any shock , it’s a really advanced training, not only a beautiful form.

  18. DaoistSage says:

    Combining hardness …
    Combining hardness with softness is the centrism in Tai Ji. For all we know, he is as flexible as the empty air around him.

    Not just incredible, but highly useful for increasing chi flow.

  19. lokhopkuen says:

    You wouldn’t know …
    You wouldn’t know real gong if it bit you in the nether regions. Haha!

    This set is treasure and we are privileged to live in a time where we could even see this from the comfort of our homes…

  20. lokhopkuen says:

    I love how people …
    I love how people with no knowledge are so absolutely opinionated, LOL!

  21. VladtheEmailer says:

    Holy crap! This …
    Holy crap! This guy is as flexible as a worm! Incredible!

  22. pandorasox says:

    Faaaa….. premo …
    Faaaa….. premo moves..premo style.

  23. zezt says:

    AMAZING primal …
    AMAZING primal movement!!!

  24. outlawmonk says:

    put on your …
    put on your shitkickers and kick some shit. This is one of a set!

  25. TomTsunam says:

    Its not meant to be …
    Its not meant to be Wudang, its all toger different

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