Penis Qi-Gong

Three men pull a bus full of ppl w/ their private parts!

Duration : 0:1:0

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22 Responses to “Penis Qi-Gong”

  1. carboman2010 says:

    that’s me in the …
    that’s me in the middle. the other two weren’t doing shit!

  2. attcheung says:

    Just to clear …
    Just to clear things up for Chinese newbies, “q” in pinyin is pronounced like an English “czh”.

  3. gnarlythotep says:

    Ha excellent …
    Ha excellent something the feminists can’t do go for it auld cheil.

  4. halfallias says:



    Would you like to show your tiny penis on public television?

  5. takeshimiyagi says:

    fake shit! then why …
    fake shit! then why not show their and why cover it??????

  6. phalluses says:

    where’s the vagina …
    where’s the vagina qigongists?

  7. rar78601 says:

    hahahahahhahahahaha …
    cock pushes…

  8. whatatwist25 says:

    I don’t think this …
    I don’t think this is hard, but it does take a long time to master. because it only took me 10 years to master fire blast… but i quit after my playstation broke…. TEEHEE

  9. aetheriality says:

    both exists, …
    both exists, different pin yins

  10. sevengone says:

    Chi is an …
    Chi is an acceptable (and older) spelling. The qi spelling is a recent occurrence.

  11. Jaysnipes says:

    Lol! Hahahahaha! …
    Lol! Hahahahaha! push ups. xD

  12. fickdiebraunpersonen says:

    holy shit!!!

    holy shit!!!
    I bet they do alot of pushups.

  13. flyingscience says:

    4.They are griping …
    4.They are griping the rope with anus muscles!
    5.Someone pour water on fainted Micheal Jackson.
    6. Guess how they walk their dog ?

  14. flyingscience says:

    1. Don’t applaud …
    1. Don’t applaud you’ll only encourage themm .
    2.Now they can carry more groceries for wife.
    3.When their rent is late they do this to shut up the landlord.

  15. 8dahar1 says:

    I wonder if they …
    I wonder if they have any female practitioners, and if they do, where the do the ladies dangle weights from?

  16. stonedclonedcow says:

    sorry for …
    sorry for correcting you, but it’s qi, not chi. I know because I’m Chinese.

  17. rx7ownsyou says:

    these guys would …
    these guys would put a big black man to shame lol

  18. KungPaoChikn says:

    that gotta hurt
    that gotta hurt

  19. shittykenny says:


  20. sandyFL100 says:

    This is not trick …
    This is not trick photography. It is real. The energy in a human body can be used. It takes concentration and discipline with daily repetition. Tai Chi~ Chi is another word for energy~practiced for many years~some say mind over matter. Many, in different cultures, world~wide, have been healed using the chi energy. Thank you for posting this…

  21. Qigongpenis says:

    The Qigongpenis-com …
    The Qigongpenis-com site really offers Iron penis qigong’s howto ebooks, illustrations and videos, but I’m afraid it’s too challenging for me.

  22. Botheredgal says:

    it helps elongate
    it helps elongate

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